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News and Events

Data Section and Cherry Holdings business tie-up to extend services aimed at Indian Government Agencies

Rosebay Consulting assisted in the establishment of Cherry Datasection, a new joint venture between Data section (Japan) and Cherry Holdings Private Limited (India). Data section has been actively engaged in R & D and deployment of services overseas utilizing deep learning technology, mainly in Southeast Asia. For this purpose it has identified Cherry Holdings as a homegrown company that can provide solutions to India Government agencies. Cherry Datasection has been established to bring deep learning application using India’s massive image data. Deep learning technology will be implemented to provide agriculture support through macro data analysis of farmland, diagnostic support throughread more...

Himalaya Exhibition (HEX 2017)

Members of Rosebay Consulting attended Himalaya Exhibition (HEX 2017) hosted by Himalaya College of Engineering (HCOE). The event took place from 14th-16th July 2017 in the premises of HCOE, Chyasal, Lalitpur. Multitudes of projects were showcased from enthusiastic and competent students from HCOE and other leading engineering colleges. Students from different faculties of engineering presented their creations, which was technologically intriguing and aesthetically pleasing. The main attractions of the event were ASTHA Architectural Exhibition, Hardware and Software exhibition, Civil Model Demonstration, Technical Quiz, Code Camp, and Photography Contest. Rosebay Consulting interacted with the creators and developers about the implications ofread more...

DWIT Job Fair 2017

On May 26th, 2017 Rosebay Consulting participated as a hiring company at Deerwalk Institute of Technology (DWIT) Job Fair held in Deerwalk premises. The event was successfully organized with more than 800 participants proactively looking for platforms to build their career in 18 leading and emerging software companies. Before the event, the participants registered and uploaded their profile on the official website of the event. A separate registration booth was also placed for non-registered participants to join the event. The day was filled with graduates and undergraduates flocking in with their CVs and reaching out to the companies. Rosebay Consulting-read more...

Guest Lecture Session on "Entrepreneurship" at Ace Institute of Management

Mr. Rohit Kumar (CEO), conducted a guest lecture session to MBA students of Ace Institute of Management on 23rd May 2017. The session covered various aspects of Entrepreneurship and presented insights starting new business ventures. Ace Institute of Management is one of the leading Business Schools in Nepal, offering graduate and undergraduate programs since 1999. The purpose of the lecture was to talk to students about their aspirations on becoming an entrepreneur and provide basic guidelines on how to become a successful one. In the beginning of the lecture when asked if anybody wants to start their own company? Itread more...

Our Vision

Japan has some of the best standards, technologies, and business practices prevalent in the world. However, in-spite of these virtues Japanese businesses have not been able to grow to their full potential in the international market. Rosebay Consulting aspires to become the bridge for Japanese businesses to understand international markets and for international businesses to understand Japanese practices better. We aim to do this by providing consulting and technology services to Japanese companies who wish to expand their horizons to the international market.

Our Business

Rosebay Consulting is a business and IT consulting company which functions as a bridge between Japanese businesses in technology and business in South East Asia. Rosebay's experience in high trust, high-security enterprise systems coupled with its low-cost development center in Nepal provides an ideal location to develop your software. Rosebay also provides an online customer support system for managing customer complaints 24*7.

Our Story

October 24

Rosebay Consulting incorporated in Nepal

February 1

Development of Southeast Asia strategy with focus on Indonesia, Myanmar and Malaysia

June 1

Initiate Indonesia and Malaysia Financial market Strategy

January 27

Initiate India Payment and Financial market Strategy

May 27

Incorporate Rosebay offices in Japan

October 27

Initiate Middle East Financial market Strategy

November 27

Development of next generation Fintech plan with focus on Ethereum based technologies in blockchain

November 27

Incorporate Rosebay offices in Indonesia

December 27

Expand Rosebay presence in Japan with R&D Office

March 27

Expand services in Myanmar

Our People

Udaya Bajracharya

Relationship Manager

Relationship Manager who has excellent knowledge of Japanese language and culture that aids in maintaining existing client base and exploring new opportunities with potential clients.

Sabnam Tamrakar

Sales Manager (Indonesia)

Sales and Marketing Manager with experience in marketing, developing sales strategies, establishing, maintaining and expanding the customer base along with keeping up to date with products and competitors.

Neiha Joshi

Sales Manager (Myanmar)

Commercial alliance manager with experience in strategic planning and management and has strong credentials in sales, management, client servicing, marketing and website development.

Shristi Shakya

Marketing and Communication Associate (Nepal)

Marketing and Communication Associate with experience in communication, managing public/customer relations and has wide knowledge in project implementation and content writing.

Our Space

Rosebay’s office space has inherited the security norms of banking division and has some of the most rigorous physical security features in the industry. A project room and marketing room with the same security have been dedicated for professionals working to find the best solution and create an exceptional product. A valid employee ID card or visitor’s ID card (for temporary visitors) is required to enter our office. This special access cards are used as a key in secure locations such as the project room and marketing room to maintain client confidentiality and staff security. Rosebay’s office building has been built with the ability to withstand magnitude 8.0 earthquake.

Our Partners