Why always depend on someone else?

Today aggregators and intermediaries around the world realize a significant portion of value in the transaction between two parties without adding any sizeable value by using a centralized system. They vouch for the trust between two parties because there are no grounds for unknown parties to trust each other. In performing any transactions we are always plagued with the fear of non-performance or the contracting party illegitimately using our assets beyond the terms of the contract. Financial companies establish trust based on the size of the mortgage and not the reputation and the customer's ability to pay back. The result of this situation is that transaction processes are inefficient and billions of people are excluded from financial services.

Trust Issues; Not Anymore

Based on distributed network architecture, the ethereum block chain enables smart contracts between two contracting parties. It is based on self-enforcing and self-executing contracts, irrespective of any mediating parties and regulatory authorities. It creates an irreversible contract once a consensus is reached eliminating the risk of non-performance. It creates a system which is immune to censorship, collusion, counter-party risk and fraudulent practices, adding a level of trust which cannot be breached. The Ethereum block chain makes use of nodes or computers with block chain installed in it and a network to communicate between the nodes. The network could be established over TCP/IP protocol or any other form of networks. The simple mechanism that the block chain follows is that it communicates all smart contract across multiple nodes and achieves a joint consensus based on a logically structured algorithm. Smart contracts are enforced with a help of a private key for encoding the message and a public key for decoding the message. Block chains have widespread applicability. It can be used to own or lease property, make payments, and involve in any form of contractual agreements involving physical goods or ideas.

Experience the future with Ethereum Block Chain

Do you have to depend on third parties to guarantee someone's integrity? Do you fear your personal data being stolen or impersonated on the internet? Are you worried about someone not fulfilling his/her part of the promise on a contract? These are all problems we face today. What if there existed a system that could fix all of these issues and give us absolute peace of mind entering into contracts with anyone anywhere in the world? The answer to all that is provided by the Ethereum Block chain.

So What's Next ?