Staying updated with the latest technology could be tough

One of the leading setbacks faced by banks today is the increasing preference of customer's online preferences. With numerous online financial service providers on the rise, banks need to keep up with the latest technology. Traditional banking practices demand establishment of big banks and customer's physical presence to perform transactions. Often banks suffer due to conventional practices to manage their human resources, security and asset management. That's where we come in.

Rosebay provides you an array of IT related services

Rosebay has the best IT solutions with custom software built to intelligently manage your assets, human resources, accounts, and banking system as a whole.

Branchless Banking: A low cost way of increasing customer and depository base

Branchless Banking is a cheaper alternative to conventional branch-based banking that allows Banking and Financial Institutions to offer financial services outside traditional bank premises by using delivery channels like retail agents, mobile phone etc. Reach a large number of rural population without opening a bank branch and increase your depository base. It also makes issuance and collections of micro-loans to be a lot more cost effective.

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