Keeping up with the technological advancement could be hard

Traditional advertising can cost large sums of money, whether it be via television, radio, newspaper or magazine. In spite of the huge expenses, it still doesn’t guarantee your reach and has no platform for interaction with your customers. Digital presence helps you exhibit and promote yourself on the web. It is a variant of digital marketing where you can express yourself via your website, social media and online advertisements. To be successful in the virtual world, a strong digital presence is very essential.

Rosebay delivers high quality digital marketing services

Digital marketing has a variation of strategies to help you present information about your products to consumers. Each strategy has a different purpose even though they all share a common goal. It drives the incoming traffic to the business and converts a one time visitor to a loyal customer.

Intramart for automating business processes

The intra-mart framework is an application framework which is targeted at web system integration. It delivers low-cost system integration over short timeframes. It also increases the effectiveness of IT investment by promoting standardization and improving quality. Because the intra-mart framework uses OSS (open source software), it is not dependent on any particular vendor. The intra-mart framework makes it possible to realize highly maintainable systems that can flexibly handle changing business needs. Companies need to succeed against fierce competition. This requires a corporate strategy of effectively utilizing this new information foundation (= frameworks) as a shared company-wide platform.

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