Software Development deals with the problems of cost and reliability

In most countries, Designers and Developers are hard to find and often charge a large sum of money. Companies are doomed over large overhead costs and creating a separate development department is highly stressful. Offshore development is the establishment and maintenance of custom software that uses the best technologies and expertise in a different nation. It functions in a resourceful country where you can cut down your development costs and gain incredible services in limited budget.

Rosebay provides you the best offshore solution

Rosebay's offshore development services help in cutting costs in capital expenditure, set up and overhead costs. Our designers and developers make sure that they deliver a product that matches international standards by making the best use of tools and technologies.

Offshore Development: Rosebay offers cost-effective software solutions

Rosebay provides offshore development services to leading international companies with its low-cost development center in Nepal. The offshore model makes it easier than ever before to communicate to anyone no matter where they are located, the demands for offshore development have increased substantially due to how easy it has become. The bottom line is that if you are able to find a good offshore development partner, you can really save yourself time, money, HR headaches and other operational expenses.

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