Business Consulting

We enable businesses to grow and addresses different problems. Rosebay’s knowledge in strategic planning, business modeling and market research helps meet specific business requirements in all sectors. We take a more holistic approach to your problems. We try and capture value across boundaries and across multiple silos of the organization.

We help you focus on the right direction

Successful businesses are the ones that have higher customer bases, higher profits and a better sense of their customers requirements. We help you increase your profits and your customer bases by allowing you to focus on things that are most essential for market success.  Some of the areas where we can provide our offerings are  market and strategic planning.

Advanced Analytics

We track key performance metrics of organizations and provide better results by aligning our approach to improve performance in terms of revenue, customer acquisition and retention and aligning organization performance with objectives and overall vision.


We create better value by allowing organizations to deliver on core strategy, make smarter choices and create products and services that delight customers.


We predict, measure and manage risk associated with change management. We take a more holistic approach to solving problems and deliver better results to clients.

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Rapid Response Framework

We utilize a rapid response framework in executing our plans. We use our knowledge and creative bases to create an enduring impact on the solutions we provide.  They are based on the accumulated knowledge and experience over many years working with small and medium scale enterprises.

Its all about numbers

Your profits and your customers count and our goal is to reach out to companies beyond just achieving their yearly targets. We create strategies that enable businesses to achieve growth in their bottom line and increase in customer bases. After an in-depth research and collection of information from the market, we analyze it in a way that creates enduring value both for companies and customers.

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From planning to implementation

Rosebay guides you through your journey to achieve your goals. The process requires planning and executing strategies that creates an impact. We provide market data through research during the initial phase and focus more on analytics in the later phases.

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