Technical Consulting

Our team of experts are well versed in providing rapid response to common technical problems occurring in businesses such as automation, scaling and streamlining operations. We also have a broader spectrum of knowledge in the IT sector which allows us to address noble situations in emerging technological landscape. We provide customized IT solutions to businesses allowing them to fully achieve their potential.

Currently we provide human resource, enterprise and mobile payment solutions to our clients based in Japan, Indonesia, Myanmar and India.

Keeping in touch with innovation

We are not just helping small and medium scale businesses solve their problems but also helping them revolutionize the way they do businesses.  We constantly research on emerging technologies and try to find applications for them in the SME environment.

Quick Response

At Rosebay Consulting we use rapid response framework to plan and devise technical solutions for companies. The benefit of this approach is that is helps achieve quality and speed of response at the same time.


We have dedicated and experienced people in the field of IT Consulting and development. We also have a broad spectrum of customers and work areas that makes us more adept at solving noble technical issues.


We are committed to getting results and providing enduring value to clients. We conduct in depth research about markets and customer requirements to reach consensus about the solution we devise.

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Get the first mover advantage

Gear yourself towards the future by adopting cutting edge systems and technologies that give you a quantum leap in performance. Stay ahead of the competition with the use of ripe and emerging systems and knowledge structures.

Get the technical support you need to grow your business

Get access to the best IT solutions you need to succeed in today’s competitive environment. We provide customized software solutions to meet your growing needs.

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Taking your Business Forward

We make it a point to understand your business. With that we can provide services that enable you to move forward. We are among the fore runners in technology adoption and adaptation to changing business environments.

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