Faster Decisions

Get accurate, real-time information that you need at your fingertips and make informed decisions faster. Capitalize on opportunities and never have to depend on information from your subordinates.

Easy Access

The cloud-based system gives you access to information around the clock. It is also low cost and quick and easy to implement. Improves collaboration and can be operated from anywhere all the time. Also removes the requirement for hardware, version control, and update schedules

Easier Reporting

Get instant insights about performance. Get customized reports on various aspects of the business. Use them to make decisions or present them to concerned parties

Cost Saving

No more deploying additional people to collect and compile reports and no more relying on multiple channels for updates. No more spending on communication and data management.

Forecasting and Planning

Let’s you plan in advance with the built-in calendar, and custom alerts.

How it Works

Why Enterprise Resource Planning System?

Rosebay Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is an integrated system that helps small and medium scale businesses to effectively manage its business. It helps growing businesses manage their information and organizational resources in a way that yields significant cost benefits and performance enhancements It helps companies become more data-driven, enabling them to streamline operations and increase productivity. Rosebay ERP software is built to collect and organize data from various levels of an organization to provide management with insight into key performance indicators in real time.

Case Study

Get more done with Rosebay Enterprise Planning System

Rosebay Enterprise planning system allows companies with very large management structures or multi-product offerings to effectively manage their operations. First and foremost the system aggregates and organizes information from many different sources; be it project management. fixed asset management, inventory management or product management. It allows users to make prompt decisions without having to scavenge for information along the various levels of the organization. Monitoring and control is a breeze with Rosebay Enterprise Resource Planning System. It integrates the various functions of the organization allowing for effective resource management. Since all the information is stored in the system, it gives users better insights into the operation of the business. Users are better able to capture discrepancies and anomalies in time and achieve an increase in productivity and efficiency.

So What's Next ?