Employee Management

Integrated employee database to maintain a detailed record. It provides the easiest way to organize your employee files.

Employee Attendance

Keeps track of employee attendance with a bio-metric device as well as remote login.

Payroll Management

Full-service payroll system with automated tax deductions. Document all salary changes and view the salary history of each employee online including salary, bonuses, and all deductions.

Leave Management

Manage leaves effectively by Keeping track of employee leave, leave applications and types of leave. The system ensures that HR Records are up to date and in good order.

Employee Appraisal

Appraisals have been made easy with our Appraisal Module which allows you to initiate appraisal process, load template, get appraisal summary report.

How it Works

Rosebay Integrated HR Solutions turns tedious work into easy clicks. It addresses all key issues and takes the load off which assists your company to integrate your current practices as well as expand human resource functionality. Access your HR information from anywhere through the web hence, increasing flexibility and productivity in the workplace. Simplify your HR activities with the power to customize as per your organization's needs.

Benefits of Rosebay Integrated HRIS

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