Real Time Tracking

The GPS allows the tracking of the vehicle on real time basis. Parents and operators can view its approximate location.

Biometric authentication

Biometric authentication will be used to identify students entry and exit in the bus. After the rider’s palm is scanned, the data is sent to the cloud-based server.

Monitor Student Activity

Mobile phone camera will capture real-time images of the students inside the bus.

Instant update

Sends alert to parents or school management via SMS on each entry and exit.

User friendly application

An easy and cost-effective solution for parents that makes keeping track of their children easier.

How it Works

School bus security: no longer an issue

Rising insecurities and crime rates have been increasing threats among parents when they drop their child at the bus stop. Working parents usually have a tough time in coping with their child’s pick up or drop timetables. School management system struggles to manage bus routes and monitor each child’s safety status. KIDSSECURE is an IT solution that helps keep track of school children’s whereabouts and assures their security in transit, anytime, anywhere. It is designed to provide student safety and security information to school management and parents. The service is specially designed to manage the fleet of buses in a smart way and to ensure the safety of students.

Step by step guide to Kidsecure

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