Recognition Engine

OCR technology helps in automating the business process. This way user can get better UX and can get instant approval.

Repayment Facilities

It requires the users to pick a default bank account from which the loan amount is auto deducted on the due date. There is also a feature of Pre Pay where loans can be pre paid or paid by other users on their behalf.

Pay Using Minerva

Customers can pay using Minerva in stores via QR code payment. They can pay for purchase directly on credit and funds are directly transferred from creditors to retailers.

Credit Marketplace

The Marketplace collects offers from various financial organizations and permits them to compete with each other to provide the best credit terms to consumers

Instant Approval

Customers upload their profile and get instant credit approval. Customer chooses a default credit plan. Credit plans are based on matching creditors policy and preferences. It is same as credit card.

How it Works

Minerva: The Virtual Credit Card at your fingertips!

Minerva is a product that permits Business-2-Person and Person-2-Person lending. Minerva is in a sense a virtual credit card with an optional active marketplace where consumers can pick the best credit offer(s). The registration process is fast and easy using the social media login. Our advanced OCR technology spares the hassle of filling long tedious forms. One can simply upload the picture of their document and get their profiles approved within seconds. The Credit Marketplace has a range of plans that the user can choose from, based on their own terms. The credit marketplace is crucial for the long-term competitiveness of this app and customer value add. The Marketplace collects offers from various different financial organizations and permits them to compete with each other to provide the best credit terms to consumers. Minerva also provides repayment alerts and notification so the user never misses a deadline.

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Happy shopping with Minerva Loans

Imagine running out of cash while you are shopping or forgetting your credit cards at home. That's where Minerva comes to play. Minerva Loans are designed to fulfill your shopping desires when you are running low on your budget. Once you are eligible for the loans, the Credit Marketplace gives you an array of loans that you can choose from on the go. You can shop and pay your bills with the loan using the "Pay using QR Code" feature. Minerva allows you to shop without any hesitance with its full-fledged credit system.

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