Save time

Our cloud-based system lets us achieve instant transfer and settlement of funds from one country to another.

High security

The system follows advanced encryption mechanisms that keep your data safe and prevents tampering, fraud and identity theft during any transaction.

More Coverage

The Rosebay Remittance system is based in more than 40 countries which mean you can easily transfer payments between these countries.

No Hidden Fees

No extra charges and hidden fees are involved in any transactions.

How it Works

Rosebay Remitpay

Rosebay Remittance System lets you achieve instant fund transfer from any part of the world. It is secure, reliable and an efficient system with coverage in over 40+ countries worldwide. It supports features needed for business led remittance whereby customers must be present for the transaction. This system is suitable for cash based transactions or if the customer bank does not support online debit cash transactions. With the add-on, customers can send money directly using their credit cards, debit cards or SNS Payments.

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Rosebay RemitPay Operator's Screen

With Rosebay's RemitPay's service provides the operators a user-friendly application. Through the screen, the operator can issue a membership/ loyalty card for the customer. Special discount and offers can also be provided to the customers through this service. Along with that, the operator gets the complete breakdown of service charges, forex rates, payment amount etc. The sender's information is filled automatically from the passport with document module and all other required information for Compliance is also taken.

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