Intuitive Dashboard

Get a bird's eye view of your agricultural business. Track your farms, devices, number of plants, area of cultivation and much more.

Farm Management

Get detailed information on each and every aspects of your business. Details of farmers or workers employed, their contact information, stage of cultivation.

Alert and Notification

Setup alerts and notifications to ensure you get informed of important deficiencies (plant treatment or nutrient).

Real-time information

Information collected by field agents and officers can provide real-time actionable agri intelligence.

How it Works

Maintain plantation history or plantation trends conveniently

Rosebay Harvest Cloud provides a platform to enter and receive critical information about farms. It gives complete capability for agricultural companies to build and sustain an agricultural brand built on a consistent quality system. Capture up-to-date information on field preparation, planting, crop monitoring and harvest all in one single platform. It was designed to make cultivation management more efficient. It enables managing farms, keeping track of contracts, customers, commodities, production by gathering data from various sources and presenting as an actionable insight to agribusinesses.

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Rosebay Harvest Cloud: Navigate with ease

Managing your agribusiness should be a seamless experience. Rosebay Harvest Cloud has an intuitive and easy to navigate UI that makes all the difference. Our system is equipped with a dashboard, that is fitted with a view of google maps which displays markers spread across the map. It includes a navigational sidebar that provides access to the menu and all subgroups. The interface shows a table of records with features such as scrolling, filtering and sorting the information.

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