Cut Costs

Tap one of the best IT human resources base in the world and cut down costs on establishment and maintenance of an entire company.


Specialization in project management to ensure your work is completed on-time and according to your requirement.


Depending on projects we blend SDLC methods from the flexible Agile to the quality heavy Fujitsu SDEM.

Increase productivity

Witness increase in productivity level as employees with excellent work ethics that will exceed your expectations.

How it Works

Superior Project Management, Low costs and flexibe SDLC

Our cost and quality control advantage consists of three primary elements: 1. Access to one of the world's lowest cost IT human resources 2. Focus on project management to deliver on-time and on quality services 3. The right blend of software development lifecycle management using a blend of Agile and Fujitsu's SDEM. Contact us with your project description to discover how we can help achieve the same at a fraction of the cost.

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Why Offshore Development?

Offshore development has become a standard practice in many organizations. Engaging an offshore software development company allows you to better focus on your core value competencies and dramatically increase your agility while embracing the expertise of Rosebay's offshore development team. Apart from saving cost and time, offshore development delivers top-notch business solutions that will meet or exceeds client expectations.

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