Multi-factor security facility in every transaction with no storage of card information and usage of One Time Pin (OTP)

Fraud Monitoring and Compliance

Flexibility in regards to compliance with the AML regulations and access to monitoring the transaction details by the administrator


Web-based interface to monitor and manage accounts. Uniform transaction user experience across all services


The modular structure permits the addition of extra functionality with minimal disruption. Payments engine and Helper modules structured to ensure high scalability

How it Works

Simple payment solutions

Rosebay Integrated Payment System is a comprehensive but modular system which allows customers to pick and choose the payment solutions that is needed for a given purpose and at a given time without sacrificing the ability to expand at later stages. This enables customers to adapt rapidly to changing market conditions without investing in new business systems or retraining staff. The framework has two principal components corresponding to banking and non-banking payments which can be integrated at latter stages. The banking payment modules are governed by D’Rose Engine, while the non-banking payment modules are managed by the Rosebay Online Payments engine.

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Why Rosebay Integrated Payment System?

Get a system that is fit for your business purpose. Our many modules offer you the correct choice without over-burdening you with functionality that you will never use. Rosebay and its partners have worked with and consulted for several banks, financial institutions, remittance companies giving it a unique set of expertise. We are not just a technology provider but a business enabler – we advise businesses on the correct strategy for success built on experiences of operating financial services in over 25 countries.

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