Target right audience details

Switches ads automatically by identifying the viewers’ demographics (age and gender) and increases customer awareness

Optimum Return on Investment (ROI)

Increase revenue by higher number of impressions and reduction in printing costs leading to higher return on investment

Boosts promotion and branding

Increases product awareness and helps plan advertisement campaigns by analyzing the audience’s attraction tendency

Increase sales

Highly influences customers buying decisions and creates impulsive purchase

Connect with consumers

Enhances customer’s viewing experience by creating a connection with the viewer which also improves customer relationships

Reliable and accurate

Get statistics on age and gender in case of multiple viewers

Improvises aesthetics of the facility or location

High definition display with customizable hardware and software

How it Works

Advertising doesn't have to be static

Rosebay Digital Signage technology guides you to promote your brand effectively. This technology ensures proper transmission of information and updates the screen with real-time information which can be customized according to location or purpose. The ability to update the screen instantly cuts down the cost of printed signs, leading to increased ROI and long-term efficiency.

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Why Digital Signage?

With the evolution of digital marketing and growing advertising trends, digital signage focuses on identifying the right audience for a particular advertisement. This technology enhances the customer’s viewing experience by highlighting videos and images in LCD displays found in public spaces, retail stores, hotels, corporate buildings etc. These highlights will be based on the latest trend followed by each category (age and gender) of viewers.

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